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Benefits of outdoor exercise

  • by ghfwebsite
  • October 27, 2016

Whilst any exercise either indoors or outdoors is good for your health, there are some extra benefits to exercising outdoors:

  1. Get your dose of Vitamin D!
    Probably the most obvious benefit of exercising outdoors is getting a nice little dose of Vitamin D. If you work all day in the office or stay at home indoors with the kids most days you may find that you are not getting enough Vitamin D. It’s important for mood and your immune system so get outside and get your dose!
  2. Being outdoors can boost your mood.
    There is research that spending time outdoors can reduce stress, in addition to that fresh air and increased oxygen helps release serotonin, which is a feel-good brain chemical. Exercise already helps reduce stress and release serotonin, so exercising outdoors would make sure you end up in a good mood!
  3. It can help you burn more calories.
    The outside environment is much more varied and challenging then inside a gym. You may have resistance from the wind, extra warmth from the sun and uneven hilly ground to challenge your self with. Unlike in a gym where the environment is more predictable, your body will constantly be challenged in different ways.
  4. Mental stimulation.
    Outside there is so much to look at, even if you train at the same place, being outside will still provide lots of mental stimulation. Especially if you are moving around to different areas, there are lots of different things to look at and keep you stimulated.

All these are great reasons to get outside and join our group training (bootcamp) sessions today!


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